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Land Stewardship (LS) is implemented through the respective Organizations. LS Organizations are a growing force in land management in Europe. This is partly due to the fact that they can be constituted through different legal forms. They can be large institutions, Social Cooperative Enterprises (KOIN.S.EP.), voluntary groups, nature conservation associations, organizations constituted through municipalities, prefectures etc.

The LS Organization “Aegean Farmers” was established through a Collaborative Agreement between the Green Fund, the Municipality of Andros and the Social Cooperative Enterprise (KOIN.S.EP.) “Aegean Farmers”, under the LIFE Terracescape project.

During the four years of the LIFE project, the LSO “Aegean Farmers”, will work towards the creation of an organizational framework and network of partnerships that will ensure the implementation of the LSO’s responsibility interventions, including:

1) structural interventions in demonstration fields through the restoration and maintenance of important landscape elements;

2) cultivation of abandoned terraces by climate-friendly methods;

3) production of high value added products that can be certified as "climate friendly";

4) creation of a local group of farmers, professionals, tourism professionals and specialized experts for effective promotion of local products

5) promotion of agricultural production to local companies

6) further promotion of certified climate-smart local products, in collaboration with the Agro-Nutritional Cooperation to be created by the project to local food businesses interested in promoting local products as well as small tourism businesses (small hotels, restaurants, shops).

7) participation in the training through the seminars of the Dry Stone School of specific target groups such as stone craftsmen, tourism professionals, members of social enterprises, civil servants, students, farmers and small businesses from other Aegean islands.

Following the end of the LIFE project, the LSO is expected to become a financially self-sustaining organization, supported by revenue from high value local production and local product labeling and promotion. It will gradually improve its annual revenue from the cultivation of terraces and invest this income so that additional areas of land can enter the system.

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