The Catalonia case study

In Catalonia region there is valuable and rich experience regarding LS through extensive and in-depth knowledge and understanding among the organizations involved, as well as through strong political commitment and a dedicated administrative structure. The first LS initiatives date back to 1989, when various public and private organizations took steps to preserve and protect the natural environment. In 2017 LS was included in the Catalan Civil Code.

In the context of the LIFE Terracescape project, cooperation with XCN (formerly XCT) has been achieved to provide guidance, technical advice and know-how on the implementation of the LS.  XCN is a non-profit organization working to promote the LS as a strategy for the conservation of Catalonia's natural, cultural and local resources and values ​​and its environment.

In September 2018, a project team visited Catalonia to exchange know-how in relation to the LS. The field visit was organized by XCN. The project team had the opportunity to tour the Catalan countryside and learn about the conservation of Catalonia's natural and cultural local resources and values ​​through different examples. The visit provided an adequate framework for understanding the basic strategies and methods of applying LS, through diverse examples and different starting points, with a firm reference point for active participation and the goal of sustainable development. The project team has reaped many benefits in terms of knowledge and experience - technical, administrative, operational, etc. - that it can and intends to invest creatively in the implementation of the project.

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